Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Proof is in the Pickle: Facing Life's Sour Reality

There are two questions you should ask yourself about your very own two ears: "Have I put them to good use?", and, "Why did I ever try growing corn in the first place?" The first question is of concern here, as this has little to do with corn, and everything to do with pickles!

Like a pickle, reality is so often too sour to handle all at once, so it's best to just ease yourself into it. What may be music to one person's ears will either be similarly pleasant or rudely repulsive to your own. When putting your ears to good use involves hearing other unpleasant perspectives, a further question should be, "How have my ears been trained?" In regard to life itself, that's a multifaceted query with quite the quibbles for answers.

In regard to music, however, it's easy to simply respond with a list of your preferences that, to your two ears, taste as sweet as corn. But when someone else's preferences interfere, you may well find yourself in a pickle. There's no reason to fret though; only all the more reason to prove your integrity, and face the same sour reality of life along with everyone else.

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