Sunday, September 8, 2013

Math, Music, and Money

Right now, I'm laboring over some math problems, which begs the question: Why math when muzach is my moniker? Tis an excellent question which is answered in one single word: Money!

I have a goal, to do well for my family; to enrich my education so as to be the best that I can be in my field of interest, for my family. Music is an odd field after all. I have to jump through the same general hoops that all career seekers do, and get my liberal arts degree, and then some. But in the end, I will be performing and teaching music, a fine art, with little need for academic understanding, except for the fact that music is a fine art as a result of academic intellectuals making it so.

Currently, my status is pretty far from finishing my education. It has dawned on me as the semesters have passed, that I must fulfill certain requirements which I had not known existed for such a career. I was keeping it simple, and taking my time, while holding down my first full time job that has lasted now for just over two years.

It's time to focus now, and to reorient my priorities. My job must be flexible now, as it is standing in between my full-time education and my full-time career as a music teacher and performer.

So long sweet and simple. Hello hectic and hard.