Sunday, January 3, 2016

Life is Interesting

Here I am, having just completed a Catholic Mass! It's not my first one either. Since the beginning of December, 2015 I've been employed in the parish and seasonal contemporary choirs, as a section leader at St. Olaf Catholic Church. Do I know the Catholic liturgies? No! But this is an opportunity for me to continue in my passion for music. I am an atheist, however the Christian liturgies and rituals are all too familiar to my psyche, having grown up attending a Baptist church, until my high school years when I escaped from my mom's abusive grip, to then begin attending an Assemblies of God church, from which I eventually left for a position with a worship band at a Pentecostal church, where I soon became the music director, only to finally quit Christianity altogether in 2011, after much study of and frustration with the plethora of inconsistencies in the Christian faith and literature, and the ridiculous beliefs and fears which stood in the way of being able to live my life according to what I found to be true.

So here I am, seizing an opportunity to continue singing music, albeit in a religious setting, though I have no spiritual obligations or concerns, except to be the best I can be musically in the role I'm expected to fulfill as a choral section leader.

Life is interesting.