Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Urge to Splurge

This morning, I asked myself, with a forlorn undertone, why myself has deserted my blog for nearly a month. Myself casually replied that there just hasn't been a blogging urge. Upon considering such a reply, myself suddenly felt an urge. I and myself are finally converging to articulate my meanderings once again, in hopes of finding another pleasant opportunity to Face the Muzach.

I haven't had much sleep this week, as I am working 14-hour days. Imagine the drop in energy that an Energizer Bunny wannabe would experience. He'd keep on slowing, and slowing... and slowing... in fact, there's only one solution to re-boost his battery: a good nap. But as time is of the essence, that is no option for this workhorse. The next best alternative would be to guzzle a Redbull--or two, to give me that winged-flight-like buzz. Then after being bucked from that bull at the eight-hour buzzer, seconds would become hours as the remaining 43% of my workday edges to a close. It's completely worthwhile however, considering the fact that I'll have a long weekend. It's high time for a restful getaway with my wife!

We most likely will go lie in a nearby flowery field and fly an imaginary kite, as a pricey plane  would fly overhead, far beyond our financial fringes. Much like a kite, our meager income will soar high on this gust of overtime, only to come crashing back down to earth before we'd have the chance to spend its spool. Why should a young, vibrant couple have to resist the urge to splurge? Except for the facts that we have a single income, a daughter, car payments, rent, iPhone bills, other bills, hungry bellies, two gassy cars--and did I mention a single income--we should go along with the urge! But all facts considered, here we'll stay and close our eyes together for an unforgettably fleeting fantastical daydream.